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“Kirks Lane has over 65 different and functional Canopies for your replacement or OEM lamps, chandeliers, or fixtures. We carry 5″ Antique spun solid brass canopy w/1 1/16″ CH 63334, 5″ Brass Canopy With 1 1/16″ Center Hole 63400, 5″ Brass Canopy With 1 1/16″ Center Hole 63401, and many more.

Our Brass Canopies offer the best selection of wholesale Canopies essential to lighting dealers, and lighting manufacturers. We go out of our way to ensure the lowest prices and highest quality with all of our inventory’s lighting parts and components.

Our Canopies are all best-in-class and available at the best prices. Our lines of Canopies, lighting sockets, Antique spun solid brass canopy, and Brass Canopy is geared to protect the ground from the force of rainfall and make wind force more moderate.

Our helpful and friendly staff are always interested in your suggestions for new or additional Canopies.

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