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Here are Lamps sockets, Lamp Holder, Light Bulb holders, and Sockets form Top Leading KRIKS LANE Lamps Parts Company.

Lamp sockets can be a beneficial purchase to make when trying to fix an old light that’s out of form, or if you are looking to build a project of your own from scratch, there are numerous options to buy lamp sockets online. It’s good to know what design and model you are looking for, as well as the bulb you plan on using. We are one of the biggest light sockets distributors, and some of our options are unique.

Our lamp replacement sockets offer the best selection of wholesale lamp parts essential to lighting dealers, lighting manufacturers, and those addressing professional lighting refurbishment, custom lighting, and lamp repair or need to buy vintage lamp sockets. We go out of our way to ensure the lowest prices and highest quality with all of our inventory’s lighting parts and components.

Kirks Lane has over 300 different and functional lamp sockets for your replacement or OEM lamps, chandeliers, or fixtures. We carry metal cap and shell sockets, phenolic sockets, and porcelain sockets in candelabra, standard, and mogul incandescent along with halogen sizes.

Our lamp socket replacement parts are all best-in-class and available at the best prices. Our lines of lamp and fixture sockets, lighting sockets, standard lamp sockets, and Leviton lamp are geared towards lighting restoration and lamp repair but are available in bulk quantities for manufacturing and are constantly being upgraded to meet the needs of an ever-changing lighting market.

Our helpful and friendly staff are always interested in your suggestions for new or additional lamp socket parts.

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