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Are you looking to buy lamp parts online like wire, cords, sockets, shades, brass parts, or glass? We have what you need to repair, build or restore your lamps and fixtures. Look no more! At Kirks Lane Lamp Parts, we welcome wholesalers and retail buyers looking to buy in bulk or individual parts as per the exact requirement and are one of the largest lamp parts distributors in the USA. Since 1973, we have been America's premier lamp parts distributor, and we pledge to have the best prices in the industry! As always, we continue to be the fastest shipping supplier anywhere. You can browse through our 4000 different and exclusive parts, which will match any and every need. The one-stop internet shop for lamp parts for a wholesaler in the USA and one of the most pocket-friendly lighting distributors. For decades we have been lamp parts and shades retailer in the USA, supplying a large range of truly superior quality lamp parts online. Our knowledgeable and friendly team, reliable service, and abundant stock have won us many thankful and loyal customers over the years. Serving our customers with the highest quality care means building strong, important partnerships. These relationships enable us to commence mass-production of innovative proprietary and specialty lamp parts with a short turnaround.
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