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As a lamp shades wholesaler in the USA, we present many offerings ranging from clusters of bare bulbs in dynamic forms, elegant sculptural shapes and forms, and vibrantly colored shades. We know that lighting is essential to a successful design scheme yet is so much more important in our everyday lives. You can choose from our silk shades, hardback lampshades, drum shades, empire shades, bell shades, and rectangle shades.

Today because of the pandemic, our focus has been drawn into our homes, and we are sharply aware of how critical it is for our homes to be both comfortable and beautiful. So, while everything – including lighting – requires a purpose, it also needs to look great. Being a lampshade parts supplier and silk lampshades provider in the USA, you can rest assured that our products are best-in-class. Right from the table lamps with sculptural contours and bold designs that turn your lamps into art pieces, giving interest even when the lamp is turned off. We also offer artful ceiling lights, and thoughtfully set lamps can transform a room into a cozy sanctuary in which to hibernate through the winter.

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