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Welcome to our site. Buy premium quality led bulbs, vintage bulbs, stylish bulbs & Edison bulbs at wholesale price. We have excellent collections of all kinds of LED bulbs which you’ll love to buy at affordable prices. Our store products are the best in quality and price. When you’re shopping for light bulbs, there are several factors to consider, including energy efficiency, lighting temperature, and wattage. Kirks Lane is taking care of all these factors.

LED bulbs are longer-lasting and more energy efficient than your standard incandescent bulb, they focus their light in one direction as opposed to diffusing around a room. This makes them great for lighting up a specific space. They are ideal in reading nooks, as under-cabinet lighting, and as task lights. Plus, they don’t heat up as much as incandescent bulbs do during operation.

25 Watt LED Clear Torpedo Candelabra Bulb 42025 bulbs are another great option for those looking to shop LEDs. It can replace a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb and save you an average of $678 over the course of its life when you figure that the average lifespan of an LED bulb is more than 18 years, and it only costs about a dollar per year to operate.We invite you to enjoy our selection!

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