Wire Spool

Premium Quality Wire Spools for Sale – KRIKS LANE Lamp Parts Company

We stock a wide variety of lamp and lighting wire used for building lamps and fixtures along with refinishing or refurbishing your lamps/fixtures. We have pre-cut cord sets for table and floor lamps and spooled lighting wire for chandeliers/pendant lights and other various hanging fixtures in all the gauges and colors to accommodate your lighting wire needs.

We know you need various styles, sizes, and colors of spooled lamp wire and pendant light cord SVT to complete your lamp and lighting restoration projects.  So, we have traveled the world to find the best factories to produce special colors and specific styles and sizes of lamps and lighting wire.  Not to mention the always needed rayon lamp cord or other wire to complete your custom-made lamps or fixtures.  Our wireline also has lamp wiring kits.

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